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A Better Way

by Radio Hate

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Black Sheep 03:32
No time for bad times And there’s something left to say Oh all my friends are black sheep But we haven’t lost our way The flame’s upon us, you know we wear it well World looks so different to me, obliged rebel Neur-addled masses, we’ve got to bring the fight Raise a glass and raise a fist into another night We’ve seen the days turn into years But now there’s nothing left to fear Sealed up in echo chambers, no thought to give exam Oh, give ‘em hell, a freedom fight, to help see through the sham We’ve seen the rat race, an errand for the fool They don’t know where they’re going, but they’re going to get there soon So make a weapon of your voice We’re never turning down the noise Eyes wide, it’s do or die, a test passed with aplomb Day after, what a trade, tomorrow for some fun We’ve had a blast now but this ain’t the apogee Made the case, no mistake, it won’t die with me You’re stuck forever asking why? Remember to live before you die They’re going to find you Don’t run away Oh, let them hear you A better way
Lost Boys 03:11
Bangarang! – Time to run amok, signing up for Mission One and never growing up Bangarang! – Devoted to destroy. When you’re alive you’re having fun, you’ll always be a Lost Boy It’s time to face a fear And lay it on the line You’ve got to make it clear One goal in mind, you’ll always be a Lost Boy Bangarang! – The leader of the pack, flying to the neverworld and never looking back Bangarang! – You’ll always have a friend, shrugging of the misery, a smile until the end It’s a show of strength and you don’t compare They have no honor, but you can’t despair Well you’re outnumbered, but it’s time to fight When you get knocked down, Lost Boys unite Bangarang! – You’ve got to throw the dice, time is running out, it’s a bloody sacrifice Bangarang! – Now we’re on the way, the search is at an end for the hero of today
Arms Race 02:40
I heard the news and it hearkens back to the frigid wars of past Rattle the saber, give a bloody nose and watch the world collapse Pile on aggraded fears of arrogance repaid First strike or the last fright? We’ll find out today Just one turn and there’s gonna be an arms race Just one bomb gonna set you free Two more minutes and we’re counting down to doomsday Freedom’s on the line and there’s no Plan B A false alarm and a crooked smile for the global peace decayed Light up the sky with a new decree and call a Scheisskopf parade Welcome to the ego show, the bellicose soiree The scene is set, all systems go We’ll find out who’s right, who’s left today There’s no Plan B They’ll set you free ICBM for you and me
Ode To Angst 02:24
What I’m trying to find is some peace for my mind but you won’t quit, you won’t quit Time to connive a new chance to survive but you don’t fit, you don’t fit Run to the doctor, a plot to retread Control of command processing overhead Peer through the fog of this anxiety And Carlo, well he makes a fool out of me A new paradigm to step over the line but you won’t quit, you won’t quit Can’t get the thrills when I’m popping the pills and you don’t fit, you don’t fit Sill I remain circumspect An overabundance of side effects But I can’t go chasing ideals It’s surreal – how I can’t feel What I tried to find is some peace for my mind but you won’t quit, you won’t quit Wade through the lies and resign vilified and you don’t fit, you don’t fit Write me a script to put pills in my brain Reflect on this rerun but I can’t sustain Dismissed from the purview of society The answer is inside, yeah I found the key What I need to find is some peace for my mind
So Wrong 02:45
Look upon creation, this crooked moral maze We’re taught to live by your command, to denigrate your slaves Want to test my state of mind? I call for deicide A proud apostasy, no voices in the sky Come now live a life of reason No fun, I’ll say goodbye – so long, so wrong You heinous moral monster, your standard is suffering Watch as children die of cancer while death they’re worshipping It’s up to us to foment, abhor the poisoned well When they can’t falsify, will you send them all to hell? Look upon creation, where smiles are frowned upon Fast and tithe until you writhe, you’ll have to soldier on Veiled megalomaniac but now your number’s up Apologetic counterfact, silence the awful lot
Nighttimer 03:13
Call me a slave to reason, I’ve got a tale to tell Now here’s what church should feel like, no saving us from hell It’s time to feed the demons, eyes roll, just count the days No clause for understanding, stoke the flames and misbehave Me and death, separated by reality’s disease Monsters, victims, witnesses to argue for degrees Lifetime to humanize if you don’t black out instead If you never been rabid, well you ain’t never lived Future, past, it’s hard to separate Traffic-tested reckless, altered fate I’m a nighttimer, hear the call Learn to live like animals Rant and rave, you don’t hear what they say Nighttimer, time to crash Boost a peak to make it last Futile cause to ask you to obey
Free Radical 02:39
I’ve heard it all before, it’s time to find out what’s in store – Not me Remember what you saw, a sudden spark to break their law – Not me Clouded head with your feet on the ground A bulletproof freedom, now listen to the sound You might feel out of place, but I don’t have the time to waste – Not me Are you going to wait your turn? For bridges burned and lessons learned – Not me They say the deck is stacked against you And your feelings can’t be right You’re going to find us standing by your side And raise a middle finger to the spirit of today And I’ll concede a smile, what’s what? We’ll reconcile – Not me We’ve got them spitting rage, a lucid truth that can’t be caged – Not me Clouded head with your feet on the ground I don’t care, I wear the crown
Such Fun 02:30
In St. Peters the Jammy Pig Getting ready for his Vatican gig Shut your noise the world's a sewer Catch you later on his next world tour Wheres the new messiah? Where's our life long guide Show me the wonder of life and i'll show you suicide So wash that smile off with soap Chin up my son, we're having such fun So don't pretend you can't cope Chin up my son, we're having such fun Come on we've got to have a drink Though the worlds dry As they survey their worthless crops It makes me cry all the way to the shops Where's the new messiah Such fun-for me a third world mong Such Fun-The pope bangs his dinner gong Such Fun-Only lump in his throat Such Fun-Meat he shoves down in his boat
Antidote 04:01
It’s a knockdown, drag out, rotten mental affray Here’s an open invitation to find your own way Authority will make it to be your fault No surrender, strike urgency to find your own way out Execute escape, it’s time to break away Another drag on another generation Cast aside their expectation Are you going to be the one to save them? Be the antidote to dogma, run from the power of pretend Years spent helping to forge shackles of the mind But we don’t judge for past mistakes so don’t pay for their crimes Come on now and oust the pebble from your shoe The claim is expired, time is running out for the clearly confused Execute escape, and decontaminate Welcome to a better day, it’s time to break away Another drag on another generation Cast aside their expectation Now it’s time for another liberation Sad states of a western nation But I want to be the one to save them Be the antidote to dogma, run from the power of pretend
I don’t mean to alarm you but this ship’s not sinking fast You might just have a look before you batten down the hatch They’re painting you a picture of a world gone up in flames But have a crack at empathy while others feel the pain So when the world will bring the test to your integrity Be the ones who are going to say We will stand tall – We’re building up the bridges and we’re tearing down the walls We will not fall – Opening the doors to build a better world for all It doesn’t really matter if you’re black or brown or white Or who you share your bed with, we’re bringing that to light Violence here and violence there against your fellow man We watch as it declines and they begin to understand And those who claim to know a thing lack evidence to say They’re hanging onto dogma that’s just getting in the way So don’t you go on thinking that those good old days are past I’m telling you the truth: Better Angels are here to last


released July 10, 2020


all rights reserved



Radio Hate Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sheboygan, WI - Punk Rock.

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