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by Radio Hate

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The clock strikes 11 and your vision runs red Living each day with a bomb in your head Nothing ever changes and they’re always in the way Time to step aside or is it time to play? Another slice of heaven and the scene rolls back More false promises spewing from the quack Now you’re labeled dangerous, degenerate, and weak But others power through and call it oh, just so unique And you tell yourself you’re doing fine But now it’s time to draw the line Another round of psychotherapy Another round to beat Another round of psychotherapy Another round for me One more session and we’re going to have a breakthrough Seen nothing but mind games so we’re going to have to make do Oh what will they say when the demon has his debut? Pulling up a smile when you want to say: fuck you The terror bells are ringing and you never take a chance The comfort of impossible, a better circumstance They paint you to a pigeon hole; they say it’s black and white The scintillated horror show is going to come to light
Static 02:01
They might laugh at the things you do And say you’re going to waste your youth Don’t buy it; you’re not for sale When reality gets in the way And you’re looking for someone else to pay Don’t try it; no time to fail Give static to the dull pretender Give static to the false agenda Give static to the ones that curse your name Give static to the lone misguided Give static to the undivided faith Give static to the ones that rig the game Try to tell you what to think Put you down, push to the brink Don’t buy it; you’re not for sale They might sneer at the clothes you wear A stereotype with the spikey hair Don’t try it; no time to fail Static to the enemy Static to the masses Static to the criminal rolling in the casket
Riot Act 02:43
General warrants for the 49 Won’t let seditious libel stand So to the Fields of George, we’re fighting all the way Cry for justice hand in hand Read them the riot act -No charge dismissed -Headed for the blacklist -Believe in what you do Red coat villain, life laid on the line But the innocent takes the shot Chance medley for the guiltless boy gone to the grave Cry for justice, all you’ve got No liberty, no king If you don’t take a stand, they don’t learn anything
Cockpit 02:46
Sitting in the cockpit Never had a regret Psycho-violent mindset Never going to forget Doesn’t know she’s dead yet He’s a one-man army with a socio-motivation The hummingbird defector, always on the run Another salute to the man of highest station Veronika, you’re just a toy The flash of the camera captures all the madness It’s the life of the wheel for the trickster and the judge Avenging savior of ever-changing faces Another game and another ploy
What’s gone wrong – it’s a little complication Same old song – for another aggravation What’s gone wrong – need a little motivation Do I belong – to the breakdown gang? I lost the drive and quit the faith and I made my family cry I broke the rules and fell apart and it made me want to die I struggled through the longing for the way things used to be But I looked into the future and there’s something left for me I climbed into the bottle but it didn’t solve a thing Ignored the new reality and the pain that it would bring But I made the choice to walk away so it’s time for me to go And I’m going to take it with me ‘cause it’s only mine to know So when I get hung up sometimes on all the past regrets Hard missteps and failures; accursed cigarettes I remember all the fun I’ve had, and there’s cause for me to sing And in the end this world is mine and I wouldn’t change a thing
Vital Signs 04:54
You are the malcontent, the disconnected agent of the cause -Steel your hearts my friends, this scoundrel speaks of treason Out from underground now to reveal the tragic flaws -We must take cover now, from heresy and desecration And they say the dream will never come to be -Seize the cynic and we must demand retraction Don’t delay; the time is at hand to switch their minds Put an end to that cruel fate You didn’t even scratch the surface; no reason to be nervous You’re living for today When you live a life of purpose you know you can deserve this Keep running from the grave Another time and another place Where reason is lost without a trace So tell me, son, just who am I supposed to be You’re tied to a rack, there’s no looking back Stand firm, don’t give up the fight Keep showing vital signs A panic stirs tonight, a nation caught in between -Sac’ your mind to save us, won’t buy your life and freedom? The martyr’s strike goes on, you face the infernal machine -He must take over now, before there’s nothing left to save And they feel the obscene terror in their minds -It’s too late now; he’s going to break the breakers Know what’s real; their game is brought to an end By the real generator
Let’s kick out the parties The rulers of this land For they are the enemies Of every working man And it shows – while the bastards are in, unemployment grows It shows – in the schools, in the streets, and the minds that they’ve closed They’ll solve our problems soon – can’t you see what they’re trying to do? And no one is immune – can’t you see what they’re trying to do? Let’s overthrow them soon – can’t you see what they’re trying to do? They just abuse their power Evil will triumph If good men say nothingv Evil will triumph If good men do nothing And it shows – while the bastards are in and the welfare grows It shows – from the White House down to the crumbling roads They’ll solve our problems soon – can’t you see what they’re trying to do? Corruption is in bloom – can’t you see what they’re trying to do? Let’s overthrow them soon – can’t you see what they’re trying to do? We’ll all be frying soon – both black and white are getting screwed Don’t believe everything that you read in the press Don’t believe everything that you see on the net
Vitriolage 03:08
A spurned advance, a taken chance, will you lose your sight today? Victimized and ostracized, but the law stands in the way Disfigured by the one you love, the worst of human sin You’ve got to speak up, find your voice, or let the evil win The pain goes straight to your heart – for this insanity Grave injustice burning now; can’t keep silent, tear it down They just can’t let it fall apart – for you You take a trip to a far off land and you’re scarred for your attire Come to help, done nothing wrong, but the vile cruelty conspires Acid violence Screams and silence They’re coming after you Retribution No solution You’ve got to see it through Acid violence Bold defiance I hear the sirens too
My Drug 03:03
Did you ever run riot? And did the kids unite? You taken for a ride? And just getting old Or did you rise above? And did you smash it up? Or did you say so what? Now you’re out in the cold The years are running faster But still no end in sight Are you going to make it last now? Don’t bend when you know you’re right Hard times – want to take a look at the mess we’re in Hard lines – got to take a stance to the antiquated pain They try to tell you where to go; deride your prideful way So scream and shout for tomorrow They’ll never take your voice away They might call it punk rock But I call it my drug It’s an addiction To the fury and the sound I’ve only got one life No time for hindsight No contradiction I’ll forever stand my ground I want to make a plan for tomorrow and today They give me all demands but I want to break away They’re going to paint a picture, tell me what I got to be I’ll tell you all I know is that I got to be me.
Another white lie, it’s nothing new And everyone knows what’s best for you Find no glee in the rack and ruin A warm embrace full of vigor and vim Get up, enjoy your life in prime Means so much more when you can’t rewind Feckless days breed a wounded pride How do you feel just burning up time? When they concede then I’ll be satisfied And I won’t mind – when the curtain calls for me I’m not the kind – no wasted years And I feel fine – it’s not too hard to see Don’t waste a moment, time to face your fears Troubled times and a sickening plot I won’t give in, you can’t switch me off A fake but stolid sincerity It feels like drunk civility When you resign, just what have you got? The sterilized passion of a broken clock Will of the world, so much at stake Ovinofied masses, too much to take When they come clean, then I’ll be satisfied Understand, but don’t confuse Your free will with the way I choose Never going to have another today Kill the past, but don’t forget That I won’t have no grave regrets Every day is your last chance to be


released July 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Radio Hate Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sheboygan, WI - Punk Rock.

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